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Eppy's Creations is the creative endeavor for author Christy Condoleo and is lovingly named after one of her characters from The Fragments of the Key series, Ephiphany Fire.  Ephiphany or Eppy (as her friends call her) is a fragile girl with a tragic past who can see the future.  Despite the odds though, Eppy continues on and well, that is what this author does as well. 

On this site, you will find information regarding Christy's past, present, and future books or projects.  Depending on the genre, you can locate her work under three different names: Christy Condoleo, Chris Condoleo, or C.J. Condoleo.  She never tires of writing nor does she ever sit still for very long.  Through her characters you might glimpse a bit of who and what she is -- who knows, you might even see a little of yourself as well.

Another site to check out the ramblings of her mind... https://chriscondoleo.wordpress.com/


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